Bad Impact of Debating on Social Media for Health

The debate between users seems to have become an inseparable part of social media. As one of the users, you might have done it too.

But you know, debating in cyberspace has a negative impact because it can interfere with mental health? So, use social media wisely and avoid the bad consequences.

Various things can be the reason someone starts arguing on social media. The sense of freedom that is gained and the power of being anonymous, building an identity in cyberspace, to the extent of being bored, makes the debate on social media seem interesting to try.

However, the debates you are having, even in cyberspace, can affect mental health in the real world. Most people who have argued on social media, called frustration as the most emotional reaction felt.


Meanwhile, other users refer to feelings of sadness as a reaction that arises, when interlocutors on social media misinterpret their writing.


Another emotional reaction that also often arises when arguing on social media is anger. Also read: Be Careful, Negative Content on Social Media Can Interfere with Brain Brain Development Only a small percentage of people who have ever debated on social media mentioned a sense of pride and pleasure.

So, it can be concluded that the debate in cyberspace is not something fun, or good to do.

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