They make us think of good times, don't they?


But, believe me, this is not always true! Certain researchers at the UFMG Institute of Biological Sciences study orchid species that are unattractive and give off very unpleasant smells. we humans.


You may be asking yourself, "But why do they study these flowers?"


Studying the bilogy of any flower is important to know how it is fertilized, what its role is in the ecosystem, and how the evolution of that group of plants takes place. In addition, there are practical applications of this knowledge.


As we generally do not like the presence of flies at home, we can use the bad smell of the flower as a trap that will attract them. Just put the flower in a space outside the house, thus removing these inconvenient "pets". This is because unlike us - we recognize strong smells like rotten meat and stinky feet - some flies are attracted to repulsive smells! The flower uses this odor to attract insects that aid in their reproduction by distributing pollen.


Now we can say that all are flowers, although not all are beautiful and fragrant.


It is nature offering us flowers for all tastes and smells.

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Faizan - Dec 5, 2019, 11:40 PM - Add Reply

nice article was quite a nice read

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