Opensignal: Uzbekistan ranks last in the 4G availability rating

The authoritative service Opensignal has published a new report on the state of mobile network in different countries of the world.

South Korea ranked first in terms of average speed – 52.4 Mbit/s. Norway is the second (48.2 Mbit/s), the third place was occupied by Canada (42.5 Mbit/s). The last places are occupied by Uzbekistan (5 Mbit/s), Nepal (4.4 Mbit/s), Algeria (3.1 Mbit/s) and Iraq (1.6 Mbit/s).

South Korea also ranked first in terms of 4G availability. 97.5% of subscribers in the country has access to 4G. Japan is the second (96.3%), Norway is the third (95.5%).

According to Opensignal, only 49.9% of subscribers in Uzbekistan has access to 4G.

In April, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed out the need to accelerate the introduction of 5G.

Earlier, Uzbektelekom commented on the slow-speed of the Internet and explained that it is necessary to develop connection technologies and increase the number of users.

“If you compare us with developed countries, you need to understand that they have long been completely switched to optics. Last year, we promised to stretch a total of over 220 km of fiber-optic communication lines across the country. At today’s reporting press conference, we announce that more than 5,000 km have already been laid. Just imagine what this distance is,” Alisher Zufarov said.

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