Putra Sion Mandiri

The year 2010 was the beginning of the founding of Putra Sion Mandiri, with the beginning of the field of service work and product installation of roofing, light steel, and gypsum ceilings. Based on his vision and mission, Putra Sion Mandiri has carried out a lot of planning and building houses in various places. Putra Sion Mandiri is engaged in construction including the construction of new buildings, buildings, warehouses, houses and shop houses.

In the interior and exterior include the manufacture of kitchen sets, furniture, wallpaper installation, gypsum platforms, gardens and electrical installations. In maintenance services include building maintenance services, shop houses, buildings and business premises. In the field of leverance, it provides building materials such as mild steel, zinc, gypsum board, croton, holo iron, physical building materials including imperior painting services, warehouse exteriors, buildings and factories.

By having a solid work team and advanced and professional human resources, our commitment as a company engaged in construction will provide the best service for customers so that they are mutually beneficial, have 20 working partners including places of worship such as churches, mosque improvements and several private offices on terrain on a small or large scale.

Putra Sion Mandiri's private partner companies include Hotel Saka Medan, Temple Hotel, Lonari Hotel, CV. Karya Mandiri, CV. Provision Furniture, PT. Yohana Berkat Ganda, Destiny Home, PT.SMS Finance, Pramitha Medan Clinic and Laboratory, Tjut Nyak Dhien University, PT. Tolan Tiga Group, Bank of North Sumatra, PT. AIA Insurance Life Medan, PT. Tanto Jaya, PT. Belawan Energi Lestari, CV. SSK, CV. Pina Building, Kailani Inn Hotel.

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