World Cup 2022 - Asia Singapore 1: 3 Uzbekistan

In the match between Singapore and Uzbekistan on October 15, 2019, the visitors defeated the hosts 3-1.

The Uzbeks started the game very actively and from the first minutes of the match scored the opponent's goal. The first attempt failed. But the next attempt was made by the captain of the team Odil Akhmedov, and on the 15th minute the score was opened (I recommend you see this goal). Singapore 0: 1 Uzbekistan. The Singapore team had some disappointments and in the 31st minute Shawal Anuar was punished with a yellow card for rudeness. 1 minute was added to the score. The Uzbek players forgot their opponent while they were playing in peace and conceded one goal. The score is 1: 1. Goals by Ikhsan bin Fandi Ahmed. And when the first half of the match was over, the referee whistled.

The 2nd half started. The players are all moving forward. We need to win. During the toughest of the game, Singapore was a little slow and forget about Uzbekistan's Eldor Shomurodov. Account opened Goal goal by Eldor Shomurodov brought his team to the lead. Uzbekistan took the lead in the 51st minute. Singapore 1: 2 Uzbekistan. After that, football began to change for the Uzbek players. On the 57th minute, Uzbek footballer Jaloliddin Masharipov was punished with a yellow card for brutality. Yellow card score is 1: 1.

But the game started to slow down. By the end of the game 4 minutes were added. Both teams tried to make good use of the time of added time, but Uzbek players dominated a bit and Singaporean ignored the center-back, and the score was opened by Eldor Shomurodov at 90 + 2. Singapore 1: 3 Uzbekistan.

Game over. Uzbekistan won with the absolute advantage.

According to statistics:

Shots on goal
Singapore 5 - 12 Uzbekistan

Shots on target
Singapore 4 - 6 Uzbekistan

Singapore 19 - 14 Uzbekistan

Singapore 2 - 2 Uzbekistan

Singapore 2 - 2 Uzbekistan

% possession
Singapore 46 - 54 Uzbekistan

Blocked Beats
Singapore 0 - 1 Uzbekistan

Free kicks
Singapore 17 - 21 Uzbekistan

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